Why do I teach at a Catholic School?

Jesus calls the fishermen to be his apostles; in the background he performs the miracle at Cana.

I would like to turn your attention to a young lady, Stefani Aquila, who taught one of my daughters at Incarnate Word Academy in Houston. From my daughter, I heard how challenging Mrs. Aqulia was as a teacher and yet empathized with her students as young women in high school. Mrs. Aquila now teaches at St. John XXIII in the most vibrant Theology department of all Houston area Catholic Schools.

Her post is fresh and you can easily sense her love and enthusiasm for Catholic Education. She presents four reasons why she teaches at a Catholic school:

1. Teaching the whole person.
2. Sharing Our Love for Christ
3. Mission Driven
4. Authentic Community

Enjoy the reading her post.

From her four reasons and post the reader can see that Catholic school teachers are in communities which they can fully teach each student through the full lense of the Catholic faith from Science to Technology to Physical Education to History. The faculty of Catholic schools jump whole-heartedly not just with themselves in the classroom, but committing their children to receive an integrated education – of the mind, body and soul. Whether it is Houston or Northwest Arkansas, the teachers are the professional and personal models for Catholic Education.

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